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It Has been waiting some time now

It has been some time since I have returned to this blog... I have been saving it to write meaningful things... Well I think that saving could go on forever.... So today I am going to embark on writing just stuff...
This morning I was pondering about how extraordinary in ways for me my late teen life was & how things happened so fast... What was I thinking at just 19, packing 2 suitcases with whatever I might need, leaving..fleeing really, the small town, my only life I had known  &  catching the bus to Melb & onto Brisbane... Nights on a bus were something I quite liked then... * Arriving in Brisbane...I had one friend... I lined up job interviews.. & The world was opening up. An invite to a pool party with some group of theatre folk I think my friend knew... Then that night driving to look at a building his brother was now working in..the night went suddenly black. The little car, no seat belts & bucket seats that had no anchor... ran into the back of a parked car.
The car hit a p…

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