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We so need to do something !

To AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE It is freezing cold here in Victoria today.... I am grateful I have a warm & dry home ... BUT Many do not... It is not their choice to be homeless & cold, & marginalised all over Australia .
I feel helpless on where to help & I know what I have read & seen thus far, talking to these people & giving them food, and at times temp shelter....but that is not a home is it ?
My brothers & I have all discussed the broader requirements & to have a community behind this to change & bring each person in from the cold.
Goodness we do it with our pets or a stray dog or breaks our see the animals uncared for, hungry, wanting decent shelter,to be loved by another kind person...  People are NO DIFFERENT In a society we all need help at different times in our lives, none of us are bullet proof. This is our country AUSTRALIA These are our fellow people.... Sign the petition to add your support.
We did it with Domestic Viol…

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