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It has been ages

We all cast shadows ...even the felt rabbit... I have been pondering for a while now how to use this blog... I am kind of wondering if I meander about with my creative journey which spans more than 21 years now... I know getting older & looking back over my shoulder...perhaps at my shadow ? or do I use this page & more to follow to reflect my life more generally....err I don't think so it would be slightly boring & besides as my creative journey began & became much of my life & who I am... I can express that in the drawings I do & the scenes I make.
I need to wander off now & think some on all of this  Bold Statement to say the least.... but I love a challenge.
I could also in the meanderings interview  creative people that I meet & have met along the pathways.. So that it has interest for us who write it & read it. *****

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