Saturday, August 11, 2012

the Last Day Travelling

The  Last Day Travelling
At Bathurst again… it is a snap frozen morning but without snow
 ( a relief ).  If I had gone back over that dreaded Great Dividing Range it surely would have been snow capped !!!

I travelled via Cowra, to Boorowa , Harden & Jugiong to join the freeway just above Gundagai… This was a lovely drive over rolling hills & soft green country side.

Stopping in Boorowa  was a treat… things to explore…
I also Found Walsh’s Country Kitchen relishes & sauces. This is where their production is & we both had a stall at Hall markets in Canberra for years…& I love their products…made from real stuff !

I drove on... finding the freeway drive hard as it is kind of well just foot on pedal to 110km and stare! and one gets the opinion that 100 km is no distance at all !!!

I passed through Albury around 1pm & it was too early to stop for a sleeping place ..toyed with Beechworth ( a favourite resting place ) but it was Friday & probably booked out so drove on planning to stay in Wangaratta… & fuel up…. 
I found NO accommodation in Wangaratta as some event happening.

The lady at petrol stop make the mistake of asking how I was !!!!
I said re accommodation & she was helpful but also informed me Benalla ( next town ) also had some event on… 

I made the executive decision to turn around AGAIN…and go back to Albury.
But tried a motel in Beechworth first by phoning…& yes a vacancy at the Heritage Motel. YES !!!!!

The host is a very kind person, who offered me the discount of 10% as I carry a discount card, but had not asked for the discount… I was aiming for bed for night… H ealso told me the rooms had been renovated and they were  lovely…light & airy and well fitted out… just a treat .

I also got in,in time to check out the shops,a few things have changed ...the quilt shop was gone from the usual spot I found it in...& I could not find the shoe shop I was hoping to find.....but the lovely  bookshop was there..
On talking to the shop person, she told me the same accommodation hassel occurred when she & her husband travelled in Tasmania... they had some hr drives in dark... so be prepared all who wander off & hope to get a bed along the way after a long daily drive.....may well be a probelm even at 2pm in the afternoon.

CHILTERN EARLY yesterday morning just before I joined the Freeway....

Now here I am…
After a 3 ½ hour drive from there yesterday…. A major food shop on way in….and a friend who was in town for a couple days….after a trip to the Arctic… came to share a roast dinner….with me.
Nice way to end the travels..