Friday, March 23, 2012

Are we finished yet

Once the basis of the show are set in place...
For me it is concentrate on what stock I am going to take

How to best display ...
which means individually
 as well as the "shop front' item for display.

Will everything FIT ..on the walls & table.???? in my car !!!!!!
To hang the display one needs to ensure
T Pins
maybe velco tape
labels with title & prices.
What else ????

I try to do displays before I pack the car so when I unpack I have a minimal amount of panic..
Buttons & decoration pieces are small & fiddly 
when trying to fit all on a wall & hope to heck it looks like my creative style !!!

Make...  A mental note of how much packaging is needed....
and believe me that equates to an enormous amount of time..
but in many ways it is essential to remind people who the design belongs to and it also performs an advertising component .... 

Samples to give examples ideas, of how to use the things I design !!!!
Now I have returned to
some instructions
for packaging chosen
and space 
is also considered..
A LOT of time will be spent painting my stock..
squeezing it in between orders..
INSPIRED to do my BEST...
within the means I have to do this..
There is a piece of me that resists the snappy stuff...
call it from where I began ???
but it is also a part of me that 
comes with the way I create & have my wood designs cut..
NOT one is perfected
it is how I have drawn them..
no side matches the other...
all sorts of things I know intimately in those designs
because they have been drawn often once only...

However.... I know also immediately when one design has been copied,
flipped, trimmed a tail perhaps...
I can often overlay them & it's a snap..
So I know....
Funny that isn't it.
But I learnt very early in my design phase of this business
that I was not easily able to be precise in drawing,
so I left the whole thing to chance.
because when I played with what I had designed I knew it worked...
it stayed within the theme
But then I am a child who grew into freedom of play early
and have never lost that it seems..

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Preparing for show .....

 Now apart from different types of twine.....
What is next to think about & ask
yes another person each day to keep me company for a few hours.
I have asked some helpers & need to go back to ask if still okay !!!
 and maybe a couple of others ..

how much is too much
as allocated space 
is often smaller than one thinks it is.
I, these days have a rough plan & try and have props I can prepare & pack already done
adapt as I begin to display..
My first show in Sydney was planned out at home
Our dining room became the booth ( including lots of holes in the wall )
Photos taken, maps drawn
It was definitely a great strategy that a colleague provided
Because unpacking a lot of boxes 
things cannot be always packed the way one will display
transportation & $$ for small business are in mind...

 I recall that day in Sydney as I began to pin cloth dolls on the walls..
that fear  runs through one...
& a small voice says
other stall holders walk by & look
"oh my gosh what are they thinking ???? "
I ask
 They cheerily greet each other..
 on that bit of paper... my map
& keep saying to myself
my mantra at the time of preparing myself... 
Just stay in that zone...
It worked...
bit more comfy in my skin now adays
but that buzz & that ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh this display is not working

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Preparing for a Quilt & Craft Show

Where does one begin....
Well for me there is the 
to do the show..
Phone or email
enquire about :
Size of Booths
Position available.
Now what else do I need to do ?????
is a big item
as I stay 5 nights..
where will I stay
How Much will that cost
where will I eat ???
to pattern
whatever ????
How will it all look ???????????????

Saturday, March 10, 2012

This Book is a need read

The book I want to talk about is called
Julie Metz

which as the jacket of my book says
" a memoir of betrayal and renewal"
this is her web site with a fantastic Q&A and interview

I heard the interview on Radio National a few years ago 
and I could NOT believe what I was hearing.
It is a true story and one the betrayed confronts the truths of her charismatic husband's affairs after he dies suddenly.
I had to go away the next day to buy the book.

I have no idea what made me seek her web site a little while ago or pull the book from my now slim pickings of meaningful books I hold tightly onto...

This is nothing to do with personal conversations but
there is a magic in the conversation on the author's website..
and we are in a lull..so this is an excellent distraction....
or not ?????