Saturday, September 22, 2012

Colours.... choices

I love colour.....
it brings meaning into the days
be it in the way of 
or a field of brilliant yellow.

In my work I often stay with several colours...
then every so often a whim calls to try a new colour
or combine 2 colours..
some work.
some work on certain shapes
some well need practice.

It is the same choosing a thread to stitch with...
Redwork is always a strong statement 
or me it is always pleasing
as are
 the colours on the palette painted above.

I adore the new fashion spring colours...
they are vibrant in their depth
not garish
the happiest colours
and the first day I saw them...
Oh Wow...
I was in a younger clothing shop 
drawn in by the 
 colour & style 
 the spirit of youth sang loudly ....
it was so happy !

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yesterday was Mother's Group

The antics I see across the road with the mob of kangaroos ..
This is an earlier set of scenes with a fight that went on for ages..
The rest of the mob completely ignored them...

Late yesterday...
It was Mother's Group.
The mothers with joeys ready to start in the world outside of the pouch..
Mothers & Joeys were in the green with a couple of bucks guarding the mob.

It was amazing as often I watch the mothers with joey poking out of pouch & they stand to basically face the world...
to give these cute babies a look at it's vast world.
Yesterday about 6 mothers had gathered  
I watch & look for one Mother & joey as this joey is a bold character...& his mum is so loving.
I watch at times when he is unsure of movement & he'll defer to mother & she seems to assure him & explain..
Yesterday some were hanging out of pouches...
then close to their mothers
forever having drinks !!!
every so often one would scramble back into the pouch with one leg hanging out .
Then the best bit two of these babies..out of pouch & paws up to their Mum's faces ( as they do in fighting ) 
but these were just trying things...
then off they'd hop in a silly way circle mum & come back for a drink..
I saw my favourite pair ...mother hugs this little guy...
It's my own nature study of an animal I know so little about
but with last 2 homes in different parts of the country 
I have had kangaroos close up...
At the beach they would feed on my lawn outside my bedroom windows
& I could hear them biting off the grass...!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Yesterday....a wonderfully warm sunshine day...
a friend & I set off for an escape in the country to visit  Cohuna...
For my friend it was a new  experience
As we nipped to this house...
around to visit another friend..and coffee time.
Point out some land marks.
Lunch in a cafe... salad was yum.
Along the strip of shops...
Into the Newsagents which also houses more interesting things..
Destination shoe shop..
the array of shoes & colours...
so many we both wanted...
a couple of doors down 
a Clothing shop 
full of 
I want this, this ,this is gorgeous... the designs of the clothing that was stocked was superb...
I don't think I would find a store easily like this in a larger place
then the leather coloured soft wallets...my friend needed one of those !!!
The shop was called Gloss.
I was personally pleased to see  some gorgeous shopping in a small community..
These shops price well....
unique and smart buyers...
Stop just before the roundabout...
Or stroll down from the  newly opened tourist information centre...
Leave hubby to gaze at the water pictured here which is outside the Tourist Information Centre !!!