Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Old wallpaper

This is wallpaper in a very old settlement house on Phillip Island.
Amazing the colours & design..perhaps it has that influence from France...
what I was taken with was the colours ... all soft except for that sharp blush of RED...
It is a striking piece.... 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


This is Mount Franklin... on the Daylesford/ Castlemaine Road is a sign to this spot.

Recently I decided to see what was up there...
It is a little drive uphill with sweeping views of the land..
then turn into this beautiful serene spot.

It never surprises me now that taking a road not so familiar is often full of rewards...

Not only the beauty or the unusual or the dull disappointment.

But the fact that I have actually explored something new..on my own..purely at times on a whim....

Not taken what everyone else has chosen to do..
but gone & felt what it's like to go off into the unknown..
putting at times fear & excitement into the same basket !!! 

In my work I am the same.... 
I derive much satisfaction from just seeing if a strong feeling within will work.
I don't take another's work & rework it & call it mine....I don't mean being inspired to create here, I mean line for line stuff..

That must be such an empty feeling ..
Always chasing what some other's have got
 & the taking & stripping another's world  &  of what is an undignified act..not to mention being a cheat...a fraud etc etc.

I am reading some high profile books at the moment & I am reflecting on how they have performed globally has given this right of passage for so many to follow them..
many of those actions are beginning to face the consequences of years of poor practice..

So try, always to be true to your self...
because like on a lonely road... driving up a hill..
there is at the end 
only yourself to face !  

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Baskets & things

I pulled all the cane baskets & tin holders & wire bits together a few days back...
in that readiness to move...

I love cane baskets..colours & weaves change over time but they are always enticing me...and also fabulous storage large baskets for magazines.. sewing things....
smaller ones for all matter of extras...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Into the slow lane of mornings

Today ...once again,as I have done in the past few weeks,
 is take time out just for me...

To savour the life in front of me...
To gather the rhythms of the day around me...

I have found it a little intrusive here...
as the traffic noise
engulfs my senses..
A part of me switches it off but I hear it ...
I prepare ... 
to wander back to the country to live
and to regain some my time...in my life now !!!
I set aside the time to eat & read a little

This picture shows the remainder of that morning
It is one of my favourite times ..
Perfectly boiled eggs, a little toast..
and a gorgeous book
This time it is
French Ties
Jane Webster..
It helps to transport me in my mind to a softer way to live each day...

My other favourite nourishment in the morning
showering with the divine
Italian soaps...
The suds slip off the huge bar of scented soap..
I wrap myself in the perfume & the caress of the water...

Then as soon as
I dry myself ...& partially dressed
I begin some tai chi exercises..
I breathe deeply... & wave my arms gently as I remember the simpler movements..
I never set out with tai chi to be a master of movement
but to strengthen my body
one practices a lot...

weight redistributes itself
I am hoping that more of this timeforme will have many many positive outcomes.. 
if I

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'll call this one Tuesday !

It was exciting yesterday I found another relative....
And with our exchange of things we had found or knew
we both had more of a story of our great great grandparents 
They spent years farming in Carlruhse and nearby Lauriston... ( Kyneton in other words !! )
funny how you kind of drive around the areas & love them...
not always understanding all the connections
In Library of NSW 'were more treasures than I had seen of their farming lisfe in Wee Wee Rup...
some photos I had never seen.
Also the hay stacks in those days were vast ..they had survived drought I should gather from such food.
I came away from 4 pages of photographs taken by my great grand father ( Theodora's father )
very proud of them....

Also the cousin's mother my cousin also & her sisters are great quilters or textile artists...I saw one stunning piece...
So we weave our way in differing creative ways ...linked by an ancient gene pool !