Monday, February 11, 2013

picturing the ordinary

I love JUGS...
I find them hard to resist in stores...
Many a time I have brilliantly held back from yet another jug.
I do love to use what I buy 
isn't it the best way to admire the shape ?

So when the shallots came in with the green grocer's shopping..
"Where do I put these now?" I thought...
Then the jug came into view....

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Gardens of Mine
This one was created with the attitude of self seeding..
Previously when this garden began as a barren block
Cosmos grew for several years
The finches would fly in to feed on the seeds
the cosmos moved to the back garden, both neighbours and none on my front garden !
 Spring after a cold winter would have everything just bloom
I would look out into a soft world
and thankfully after these few years
little weeding !
Shasta daisies, day lilies & agathapantas and cannas filled this corner of the large back garden.
Shasta daisies had 2 large patches in the back & side gardens
did we curse
when it was time to cut them back !!!
 Now a far cry from that garden & that world
I have nurtured this canna below back to a flourishing strong plant
It was going to flower ...
I was hoping the heat didn't burn it before I saw the colour.
I returned after a day away
and there it was looking like a gold tip
Gardening is a bit like that isn't it ?
I have 2 vases of the roses inside at this present time..
Again I have been ensuring their well being in this heat of summer
I am thrilled when a dried up half dead rose bush begins to green up, grow new leaves & rewards with profuse flowering.
I have a couple that still are coming slowly back..
Fences of metal burn them as the heat reflects from fence to plant on those 40 degree days