Friday, July 5, 2013


Empty Baskets...
in reality this basket has been emptied..
I thought...as I took this photograph
that an empty basket  looks stark..lonely..unfilled..
I thought it symbolises
A space for the next purpose...
maybe in a new life it will
come to markets and be a display..
be filled with brimming fresh produce

A new life.. a renewal of purpose.

Different things for the same vessel 
I began with....

This is a little like my life..
A renewal...
new adventures...
conversations with interesting people
lectures or workshops that set a new path..
I am having a most wonderful time goal setting
how things are weaving their way into my life..
in the most unexpected ways..
It is like I am being gently turned to look at  life differently....
I love that !
It is exciting..

my list grows
as I expand what I need to have happen to shift me from one space in life to another..
It can be physical or thinking & exploring different ways to live.

The basket is waiting...to be filled ...
I see a mound of Italian soaps in that basket.
( can I afford a mound of them all at once ?)
I see shallots, fresh beans & peas.. orange carrots with tops on..
some eggs... 
I think I may have been to a Farmer's Market...& filled the basket.
flowers... masses of jonquils have been placed in the basket while I find the jar to hold them in
apples ..are stored..
Jams & sauces

A basket is never empty..
Just having a 
between it's lives