Friday, August 30, 2013

It was a good day playing truant

The sun was streaming in straight into my eyes so I needed to pull the blind..
so I will be quick as I have so missed the sunshine on winter's days
I want to soak in the vit D

It was magic to drive through the lush country rolling hills on Thursday morning
The views were superb ..
green hills & fields dotted with animals and in many cases lush patches of jonquils & daffodils
This first picture is nearing Daylesford from Newstead...
up a modest incline before joining the Castlemaine/ Daylesford Road.

 The Willow Tree
Always a striking tree in spring as it is here, just budding in green
summer as it weeps over 
autumn as it sheds it's golden leaves
as it stands baring all.
Willows featured in my life right from the beginning..
I lived on a farm for 9 months where a bank of willow trees sat along a channel bank... 
Then moved to a federation house in town 
where a huge willow tree shaded us in the summer....
The house had been named
a Brass or I think copper plaque sat above the entrance to the front verandah. 
 The open road...
with rain drops on the windscreen
a promise of what is around that bend in the road...
Daylesford & then onto Ballan
to Rose Mill quilt shop..
then back to Daylesford to take in the other style of life...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Today is truant day

The sun has begun to stay around for most of the days...this week
It brings a restlessness....the wandering stirs within
I need to go & explore...
This has been nagging at me for days..
Today I am off....
Do I go after my tai chi class  ????
( I need that this week, missed last week  as I was away )
Or do I go after tai chi..????

You see I am waiting for the light to arrive....
Funny that commitment thing  isn't it ?

 I so rarely commit to anything long term these days.
that comes from a long life of being committed ..
being "responsible"
That was always my tag, growing up...
I was a responsible girl ! 
( little did they know back then ! )
No, but one weaves a life as one has been shown...
I always assumed that responsiblity .. a destiny thing. 
I put others needs & pleasures often above my own.
I got used to doing that too...
It's okay I'd say to myself & anyone who listened 
I gave a reason why their needs were much greater than mine
Why they often had a NEED...
Who was i to deny that... being responsible is being responsible for another's happiness.
I am still learning...
to ask for what I want
to speak up when I don't want something placed at my feet
( liken that to the cat dragging a dead mouse to the door)
To understand that my happiness and well being is important...if only to me.
To risk losing "friends" by asking for a different outcome.... not to feel betrayed by another's selfish actions..

My eggs are cooked & writing has given me the answer
I am going to play truant...
Take to the road earlier... feel that freedom... to cleanse my soul

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Daffodils maybe it is spring ???

I have heard the blackbird singing in the late afternoon...
 I saw him last week..about.
Spring will be soon
I hope to hear that bird sing early in the mornings..
I love his song...
On a Branch a Bird Sings !

The winter here is cold & overcast...
The sunshine at this time of the year is missed...
In fact I am so over winter... like summer in the extremes I don't like much.

We are about to elect some pollies...
I hope people do think beyond the purse and stop panicking about the "debt"
Interest rates are at a disgraceful low..... we don't get much bang for the buck by storing cash in the bank !
if we did I guess it'd be fee ... ed !

Which brings me to other businesses...
who find it so so difficult to place a change of address on a file 
or disconnect & read my last places electricity
& we are not going to mention the phone......
I also think the merchant bank couldn't change my address either..
I do not get it, this happened last time also..
You ring up, hang around on phone for ever
Do details give full name & date of birth
But NOTHING HAPPENS ???????????????????
It is like there are these facades with fresh air beyond selling..ie is no service staff ....it is so weird how slack much is & why ???
Oh yes I was at a large furniture store at a DFO on Friday
Opening  at 10am
Staff in & out ..coffee from cafe in hand...
Totally in their own world
Could spy a couple trotting about with a cushion to put here or there.
Finally door is raised at 10.07
Woman does the false meet & greet & sorry.....
It went on inside to gain any attention...cushions were still more important than customers
It was so amusing to watch.

Friday, August 23, 2013


When I travel for work to the city in this era
I am staying in a bedsit which I can cook in
I can make my breakfast.
If you are gluten intolerant you can understand this is another layer of stuff to travel  with.

I love being able to shop at a gorgeous & interesting supermarket close by
boil the eggs for my breakfast.
Only problem was last time...no egg cups.
So as I was away earlier this week I decided to take an egg cup.
I think Pink spotty chicken will be placed in my bag of travel stuff..
Like a can opener, knife,fork, spoon , mini teapot... etc 
So meet my travel companion !

Friday, August 16, 2013

challenge that can bring you undone

The car registration sticker 
had to be removed last night...
Out I go in the rain & night to the garage...to do this task
A task that has become much simpler in the last few years.

I am confident
I wipe the sponge..
I find a corner to start the peel
Damage fingernails
Peel it does but only for a short burst around the edges

This 5 minute job turned into a 30 minute..
I think what did I do wrong ???
A man would have fixed this in a second ..!!!
Surely it'll peel off
The marsupial still is half on the car...

Things like this can just bring me undone at times
A few years ago I had to get a replacement as one was doing a self peel
Now this harked back to the old days...
where one set aside half a day to change over the rego car stickers.

It brought back memories of when I first left a life..
In my small older country cottage
with a black toilet seat..
How I felt dismal each time I walked into this shower & toilet room
sunk into more depths at this black toilet seat.

Cheered myself up with the 
"I can change that..buy a white toilet seat"
I trot down to the plumber's shop & buy the seat
I am ready for this wonderful transformation
and a bit of I have done it.
Do you think I could screw that blasted white toilet seat on to the pedastal..
In the end I felt so beaten
so useless
so alone
I sat on the floor 
and wept...
Then I composed myself
wandered back to the plumber's shop
asked if the plumber could come & fix it for me
Done in a second by the one who knew what to do
I got over my failure feelings
I did have my white clean toilet seat
it made my life just that bit better
as I settled into living a different life in a different world

Friday, August 9, 2013

Have I used this shot before ????

A bit of residual confusion still loiters as I find out where I really am
who in the heck am I ???
I am here, in a snug spot, bunkered into the hill...
with the cutest lounge which I will call my snug.
Rain & cold weather have put some dampener on my pleasure..
But tai chi I have settled into & had a brill session this week...
Writer's festival tomorrow for a couple of sessions..
Been into & out of city for the dentist...alas a filling is required...so I need to return
The Craft & Quilt show in Melbourne a week after the removalists left me here...
at the end of August....
I meet for the very first time my friend from NZ...
Been some other interesting bits & pieces..
But here I am...!!!!!
Now the Who ????
That is more a trick question as I do feel parts of me are changing..
Transition to a new place ,
even if one has returned to a spot..
it is always different...
Because each move rubs an edge on oneself...so, one has changed from the last venture in..
things are known...
some things have a little expectation
you know I find myself liken to cycling down hill with feet completely off the pedals & hoping the steering will be ok...
Just moving along...
I do want to anchor down about now....
things are still actively changing..
so one just begins the list
the drawing stage of what it is
 I will be needing,
wanting to do,
 settle this work,
write now...
I have been practising writing  during the week,
but it's terribly private
probably won't be used but a very powerful piece...
So I guess no time is wasted is it ?