Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More on Friendships

After I wrote the last blog...
I was reminded of friendships...
with a neighbour's friends...
who have cared for her home after she suddenly found herself in hospital for a while..
They have kept her garden in order, cleaned the gutterings
and the other day more friends came to do a spring clean...
in welcoming the neighbour home again.

What I took from that is the generosity of the spirit this has been given...
The openness of these friends hearts.
It was a reminder that this is what life is meant to be like....

Friday, September 20, 2013


I had several encounters ? yesterday where the subject was friendships
a call in the early evening
also had the core of what friendships mean to each one of us.
So I was thinking this morning about what my friend had mentioned &
thought one friend's expectation of what a friend is is different from the other friends.
Sometimes people are offended when a friend isn't available in different ways when one has the need to connect & how often etc.
I thought then about my friendships
my high school friend & I had the best time...
we talked on every subject as we strolled the country lanes & sometimes we road our bikes..
we had adventures ..
we made decisions on how we'd act as up & coming adults
we said goodnight a 1000 times as we walked each other back & forth to our respective corners..
WELL WE GIGGLED about 2 years worth..
We had out first boyfriend experiences 
we shared every moment of that..
it didn't separate us.. we stayed close ..
There were gaps as she went to college & college & I remained behind to work in my apprenticeship.
I went north, she stayed & married..& she is now north & I am south !
As a small person before school I had 2 more special friends
one I have always stayed friends with now into our 60's ..
we met up yesterday & it's always comfortable in the core of being who we are..
the other friend we lost when she moved out of our town..
but today we have a golden thread also..
we all laugh together...we share ... just as we did as we grew.
This is always my aim with friends 
that they stay forever & we laugh & enjoy our times & we understand when the other is vulnerable about life..
As the evening drew to a close I had 2 friends conversations..
one I don't always hear from on a regular basis but we just pick up on the life... we have common grounds to always converse about & it is rewarding
my other friend is newer and no less value..
 we share more in today's world...
as well as give each other a vitamin pill of life's ways most days.
These are the things I wrap around me,
when I feel cold
doubt myself
when I need to laugh
or whine 
or just to hear them'Each is so different
as I once or twice now I have learnt
put them all at the same table & expect each one to get to an ease I have with them just doesn't happen...
 On saying all of that..
I have encountered some folk who come in friendly but stay only as long as it serves their need...
for me...
I am not so keen on those airy fluffy feeling friendships...
I value what friends I have made over all the years 
love to find a new friend..
process is gradual for me...
but as the picture shows... 
we stick around..
even if we are no longer glued at the hip
giggling uncontrolably

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Storm clouds

I drove towards this scene yesterday early afternoon...
I had a long flat plains for another hour to drive on..
Nowhere to hide..

 I was thinking... 
should I turn back
What if this storm is buffeting & spooky on the open plains..
no other traffic
I kept driving
 A problem with flat open plains 
there is a LOT of SKY!!!
 On the way in about 11 am it was sunny, 
with clouds and fields of gold

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I reached for a white jug and....

This morning I reached for a white jug... and I always admire this cupboard..
It's clear..
A mix of new & quite old..
my op shop finds 
my gorgeous French style stores buys...

I love the way the sunlight casts glows of extra light through the cut glass..bowls
So quick ...the camera... 
this looks a fantastic shot...
What is it about the clarity I have raised in both of my blogs today..
Clear & light..and now the uncluttered...????
It could be just a frame of mind...
surrounded by things I love..
being in a creative space...
as I prepare for a display it does make one stretch that extra bit...
It's free time to do what ?
I guess what I am trying to say..ah ha ...!

I am trying to say things to do with 
understated ..
uncluttered ...

Interesting that... 
..this evolution has been going on for years now...
Maybe it is 11 years to the day since my life took on changes..
so many changes...
I have felt for a little while now that I am changing again... 
developing more..
more certainity...
more clarity...
certainly less clutter....

Is that possible?... I ask at the age of 65..
Well yes, 
I think if 
we do not aspire 
be inspired from within...
we do not have the clarity & the light to move along in life ??? to be authentic.
It's a self thing...
but recklessly important...
On being authentic
I have values that are like very personal boundaries... 
if they are ever violated it is done for ever...
I began this at 3... so I guess I may have been either born or trained from birth about never telling a lie...
My 3rd cousin Jude & I were talking on a totally different topic this week & I said
"I heard a radio interview on some value system..of belief.
He was a quaker.
Jude said she read something the same week about the quaker beliefs
We both wanted to read more..
for us both it struck a cord...
We never met each other until we were about 50 ..
but some values are strong..
 we talk of our Grandmothers who were soft..
we feel we have been able to own our opinions
but never expect anyone to be intimidated or to be swayed by what we speak...
we are both strong on justice.. to be fair..to look on both sides..& be pulled to the kinder side..not always what we benefit from..
but we are "trained" to view the world this way
We are just amazed we have been raised through the generations the same principles...
Our great, great grandmother..
Irish Quaker...
They seemed to like what I have spoken of & simple stuff..
Fits !
I am as amazed as the next one !

Friday, September 13, 2013

Lamps light the way

I love old street lamps
They are so regal...
But functional...

What was amazing ... 
these are with in 5 minutes walk of each other.!
Lamps light the way...
as we stroll in the dark..
They glow so beautifully when lit..
As I stroll with my camera.. 
I am always amazed 
at what I find in these early established areas..
Many of the towns around major gold mined centres  
have the most amazing buildings & fittings.
Makes a wander so interesting...
it gathers more ? on how they lived... how they built...
etc etc...  

Friday, September 6, 2013

Stretch tooooo far

This is in the city...parked there from the last era...
a lovely reminder
& somehow a leveller..
I like it in Bath Lane...

Waiting at the corner
I often look up at the buildings 
admire the architecture...
It is such a rich goldfield richness..
I look & wonder..
each floor is often a different set of windows ...
Just beauty.
I stretched too far this week...
I had something either giving me a rash or hives..
Hindsight of many days 
says a rash from being bitten by a bug ????
But the process that went on..
eaten what
washed in what
walked where
bugs what 
It is still a mystery, but abated but I am on high alert in my lovely little lounge.
So much so was the fury that the rash caused I pushed my old lounge into the garage
I knew maybe i was over stretching it a bit...
A body with old car accident injuries are often unpredictable...
sometimes you try & all is fine..
othertimes you know you ask for trouble but do it anyway...... 
& there are times you just plain fail..
I was stiff & trotted off to tai chi...
some of the newer moves are a little stretch too far when one is stiff.. 
but you know keep moving..it'll do you good..
all the arm chair critics think so...
so I did do some of them & totally undone now.!
pain in 2 of my most vulnerable areas...
I am now snooty today...
But ...that does not help !
Gotta move before I cannot

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Direct Line

The links we have with relatives... is amazing..
My 3rd cousin & I were discussing our divine Doreen...
a 96 ++ whirlwind of a woman.
She isn't doing so good just now ..
body is tiring but mind is sharp
that independent strong streak is there.
My cousin & I laughed...
we got it..
we have it too.
Seems we were mapped out & born with that..
the women of this family line are strong in independence..
soft under neath..
It is sometimes a peculiar set of traits to deal with.
But as we shared the naughty  things that Doreen told us..
we laughed so hard..
we just love the spirit of this amazing woman.
I only "met" her by phone maybe now 6 years ago..
As soon as we spoke ...& laughed & this spirit of who I was came striding through...
I knew who I was as a woman....
in an identity sense.
I had never aligned to my mother's side of the family...I often felt I didn't fit there..
But my Nana & father's sister..
I knew they knew me well without me saying much.
These are my women...
It has been a wonderful fun time connecting with my cousin as well... about 8 years ago..
We connect in ways & don't explain...
You see I hardly had anything to do with these women until a little while ago in the grander style of life..
So to my darling Doreen...
we know how you wish it to be..
so do that my dear & thanks for a most incredible journey..
An inspiration..you are.