Saturday, November 30, 2013

I like this

I sure wouldn't want this view outside my kitchen window each day..
But I do like the picture..
I am a bit work spent to write anything profound...I think ??? give me a second...
Oh yes, yesterday I drove down to the fruit & vege store for supplies.
A family with 2 young boys were more distressed about the boys behaviour than anyone else was..a change I might add.
When I reached the check out...it was heard loudly
"we are not going there now we are going home" by mother.
The young boy serving me was maybe 17 or 18 & he grinned slightly & said
" bring back memories."
Sure my brother & I were always threatened in the car as we set off on some journey to a bigger town & hence loads of excitement.
I mentioned in passing I didn't have any children..
so we discussed that...
Then he says
Oh you grew up in the best time..the 60's was amazing.
It was I said ..each day it was something pushed...
The social revolution was the biggest in history he says...
& it will never happen again.
I mention something about the protests against the Vietnam war..
This kid was alive...
I said music drove us & funnily still can..
we were a bulk lot & lucky for such experiences
we also think we were so lucky.
Yes you had a choice & now we just get boring jobs & do nothing much.
I said...you have to do it your self..
Go build your own jobs...
I felt dreams & hope are so important....
we just got jobs...travelled somewhere...danced...
wandered about....
peace ...love..& flowers..
our fathers came back from the one before...we saw what that did ...
confused pride & such internal damage...& disruption to young lives
The 60's  was a strength that is difficult to explain & something we, as aging whatevers now should never lose or forget..
I want the youth like this young interested guy to have choice, freedom. chase dreams..to find themselves...not dope or drink themselves into a pretend world of ??
to be who they should be...a sense of individual..
I have had this conversation with more than one young guy serving me in shops..
I love the interest....I am not old when they light up that we lived in such an exciting era...

Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Own Donkey

I have my own donkey now !
Some of you may have gathered I am fond of donkeys
This one shares the lounge room & begs for money..
It's a money box .!!!!! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Look Up Sometimes

I love the trees as their leaves spread a canopy across a garden seat.
I was waiting for a friend on Saturday under these trees in the city
I looked up
It's a lovely quaint interlude in a busy street scape..

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Maldon and places beyond

On Sunday there was a Home Grown & Hand Made market in Maldon
I wander down..
There I found the donkey..
Many other interesting 
food things.

 Into the main street I strolled
discover a new shop had sprung up
Green Grocer...
So I purchased some wonderfully fresh produce.
 Onto Daylesford...
Along the back roads to Kyneton
Where I also found a new store in Piper Street.
Where the French gift shop was..
It remains a gift shop but a ver different look...lots of delightful exqisite hand things in knitted...different go see !
This is a road...I went to see where it went..
as ancestors For you Janelle..lived & married.
One never knows what can be seen.
Gorgeous countryside...

Friday, November 8, 2013


I did struggle with a topic...
took to what was here..
I love these sort of pegs,
shape is good,
they feel nice when I handle them
I don't mind them as a décor item.
I don't use them for their real purpose..
pegging out the washing.
Restless this morning
The weather is changing...
maybe more rain...
As well as restless
I am quite lazy..
So best go figure this out..
while I have breakfast.. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Over the Road he went....

Over the busy road he went ..but he did leave early
And down the drain he went....
where he stayed all day.
What a relief when I bellowed his name I heard a
from the drain.
Lids were taken off & the son of the cat's people
talked to him...
But No he would get spooked & go further along the drain.
So he was left to hopefully come home by himself.
After dinner I looked out the window ..
saw the son of 18 years
coming up the drive in a white T Shirt..
For a moment I didn't see the white tummy of this cat
Wriggling furiously in the boy's arms..
The boy was all the while talking to him..
It was a sight that held more than one precious moment
The kindness & love could be seen in the boy...
His head bent gently talking talking as the cat squirmed..
and seeing the cat.
I visit later in the evening
Puss was looking a bit shattered..
I said we were so worried...it is good to see you.
He listened but closed his eyes again & his paws were tucked under...
When I left
I got the most beautiful squints from him..
Cat's do this usually if you own them..
But this cat was happy to see us all...
I am glad Millie is no longer that worry....
as I hated it when she whizzed off suddenly out of sight
 still was not home at 3am...
I adore cats..
I was born into a household that had a cat & dog.
The cat spent time in my cot when I was recovering from whooping cough..
I trimmed his whiskers with the plastic scissors...
So my way with cats has been a long association..
Dogs ... are ok...but !

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Unexpected Enchantments

It is odd & maybe surprising what one is drawn to at times..
Unexpected enchantment!
I was wandering in the Cohuna Historical Trash & treasure
( wonderful stuff at times one finds in there....) 
This little glass ring container
was so kind of kitch
beautiful at exactly the same moment..
It was priced at $1.00
These sorts of things feed my design work & there are styling needs where this will just work for my photographs..
I was reflecting before on the interesting conversations that have come my way this week..
At the PO I have the most lovely people who serve my posting every day ...
There I learnt of the baby piglet that is being fed a rather nice sounding soup ..
that was being carried in a jug to his food bowl...
but the carrier trip & fell & the soup landed all over her ..
As she was lying there covered in the piglets dinner,
her dog came over
began to lick her face...the dog took a great opportunity of a delicious soup...
So I ask  again another day about the piglet & learn of the one previous to this spoilt one...
A 3 week baby that had literally fallen from a truck
& injured & in need of much.
I learnt of the care given to this pig..
dressing wounds..
all matter of detail.
I began to grow fond of this pig
Then to be told it is now in the freezer ! 
It grew well into a 20 kg meat supply.
My machinist rescued a wild baby duckling .. that she took for a walk & maybe a swim in their dam..
Duckling was not at all interested in swimming..
I had this picture of  al ittle teal duckling trotting after it's new mum...a human one...
Today one friends of many years
Phoned & I learnt all the excitement of the gallery & café being opened on 11 Th Nov..
We reflect on life as I was 19 when I worked with this sweet 16 year old....
How far we have travelled...
 we now see the road has shortened
wish to make every day count.
Of course on saying that,
... it does not always count in the way we expect
sometimes it just isn't worth tapping on the keys to mention
the mundane...
the lack of a chef after a busy day...
The bird one watches gathering food on the lawn breaks all of that and one sits enthralled ....
I have some French café music playing as I write 
where am I ...???
Some place else...
Unexpected enchantments  

Friday, November 1, 2013


I draw the blinds as night begins 
the evening fades...
the cat calls by as I am doing this..
I spend time on the verandah with him..
as he rolls around at my feet
watches the traffic ..
I come indoors & turn on the lamps
I love the softness of the lamps
& the
Hydrangas ( now how do I spell that ?? who cares ?? )
add a certain beauty
to the indoor night