Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy Happy 2014...

I wish for the openness & beauty these roses display to us.
 I was watering my little front flower garden before dusk & across the road I watch
 not one, 
but three rabbits frolicking in the straw paddock...their little white fluffy tales visible from my vantage point on a slope quite a distance from them.

Last night on dusk, my neighbour & I were talking & a couple of young kangaroos were warming up with some sparring for a boxing performance in the same place as the rabbits are tonight 
These are some resident llamas at Lavendula
 This afternoon my little blackbird near the tub of water in which sit a couple of plants..
Mother was there too & she was feeding the young from something she had found in another of my potplants & showing the young how to balance to drink the water..
( I was about 3 feet away at this window watching it all unfold.)

Not quite ..little birdie tried..& Mum would get on the edge of the pot.
I have now found some small rocks & a twig to place in the tub & put more water in it...

High above at the back in the forest in the tall gum tree a colourful parrot sits...
Watching all & keeping watch on his mate who has just landed in the neighbouring pear tree!
Then the galahs arrive hanging upside down always doing something silly..
I leave them all to it
Grateful of all.
This is puss that resides also at lavendula

Friday, December 27, 2013

More Lavendula scenes

When I came across this new garden feature ..
I thought how clever... 
with the little white gravel in front of the  vista in front of that....
 The goats were a new addition also... and were for their milk...
Rather cute
This is the head guy
he leads & watches over the flock
A man & his son were approaching a little too close..to the flock
& he stood up... checking feathers while assessing the scene.
I heard the little boy say
"come on Dad "
Dad was reassuring " They won't hurt you "
I smiled silently
because the little boy was using pure instinct..
The goose may well take chase at any moment
I marvelled at the little boy's reading the body language of the goose.
Man of course was much bigger than this animal..
Just another  interesting vista of another sort!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013



Sunday, December 22, 2013


They open doors..
very vital really...
A Key is also a word we use when it stirs a memory & solves a puzzle for us.
Sometimes a lost key is found
it changes our life's direction.

The KEY to LIFE...
I am thinking there are so many keys to our life...
be it food..the amount, the type...the preparation..how it is grown..weather..storage
be it who we love.... whether that is the happiest place to be or the saddest spot or a place in between
be it what we wear.. how we look... how we feel....snug on a winter's day in that coat we so love & feel well blessed
be it where we live
I'll leave you to ponder ...

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nearly T BONED by 4WD yesterday

Yesterday I was driving back from shopping & on a main road with cross roads...
of which road I was on has right of way.
This 4wd white large failed to stop, it was slow. I tooted horn..
kept on coming & was on my side of the road & moving in same slow pace..
luckily there was not any traffic at other corner or on other side of road as I had to totally veer around the still moving 4WD. I was too late to stop & possibly still be in the path of the 4WD
I was driving with lights on & white car... because on way to shops to vehicles thought I was some ghost train & drove totally across in front of me.
Hot overnight..few drinks...drugs.. who knows but sure is a distraction to life.
Had a growl !!!! 
But gee do these silly stupid distracted drivers just do get me so annoyed.

Now this big bird here is one of 2 resident EMU at Lavendula..
He was kind of half sitting...
Along further near Maldon / Castlemaine is an Emu farm that I drive passed often  at the present I see young emus trotting about...I could see any chicks but I am driving LOL..

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More from Lavendula

artichokes so so tall
 As is the Russian garlic
 No words to go with this lovely spot !

Monday, December 16, 2013

Lavendula day again

The day had more than lavender
Roses in their original state...
Vegetable gardens....
one is amongst the lavenders 
another is around the back of the stone cottage.
and' Light & shade..

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fields of lavender

Yesterday people were arriving with their picnic supplies & blankets & setting up for a lovely day...
It really is a magical place.
As I was leaving I watched a Mum with her young son walk across the swinging bridge packing on the other side of the stream.
I thought what a treat that was for a young child ..
I love driving across the ford...
it gives me that sense of achievement...a sense of mini adventure..
No big thing but a memory is evoked...
of when I was fearful perhaps driving in these places alone...
Now I just love that....

Lavendula Farm this morning

I went off to lavendula with camera this morning
as much of the lavender is in bloom or bud
Harvest celebration day is January 12th
Always so much to photograph
apart from the lavenders
quince trees, cherry trees, plums still green..all matter of berry things
Great pictures..
Loved the new additions of 3 goats...
the geese were resting... near by...
llamas & 2 emus live in one field together...
More photos later

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Water's edge

Summer is a hit & miss affair thus far & I am happy with that...
it stems the yearnings to be by the water's edge...
to walk with toes just inside the water...
I grew up swimming in a bubbly affair of water coming from water falls...
swam on top of a sea of bubbles to reach the sleeper boards & hang on ..swim across the water falls 
back again.
It was a theatre of activity & we all read it so well.
Maybe surfers have that same feel..
I am not drawn to swim in the ocean ..things brush pass my bare legs & I am walking on water... no problem there..
The water has a different movement..that I do not understand...
But I am happy to watch it, breath the air, escape from the summer's searing heat...
it is a place usually when i go it is less people..
I just thought i don't like the picking my way around countless bodies of people sunning themselves on the beach...
Mine is a more solitary stroll...
It is so cool today ... the sea doesn't call me !