Friday, January 31, 2014

A Cool Place

This is Lavendula and pity it isn't just out my back door today.
Mentally a place to cool off.
Interesting time for me as I have wound my way along a purpose, passion & visionboard class & following on from that was goal setting.

Vision is just that dream until we start to wander towards it on some path, with some outcomes & some times .....
I had been along this path often...but so often I was side tracked off into 
another's vision...
Not kind of having that larger overview 
of the life one wants...
it is easy & often interesting to go off down another road.

I have done it with where I live...so in my business plans is it much different..?? No ! 

But sometimes I do stop & stand & stare off into the distance...
Wondering what I'd like to do differently.
The risk
How do I shift from one entrenched path to one where there I see interesting things to 
look at ...
a curve in the path...
& where does it lead...
possibly to a fork in the road 
& I have to choose !!!
So that is it...
I always kind of get to the always hanging out on the edge feel...
so more often I just go for it.

If I had not ever taken an enormous risk 11 years ago...
I would not have been here writing this stuff with such a knowing feel of 
what risk can do for one.
Not always & never really without some tears as one wrenches away from the known... 
the comfy chair may come along but it has often grown lumpy once the risk is done..
I believe we move forward in life in this way..
Some people, do, though move & stay the same as they did before...
they must find the challenge overwhelming & just stop 
& repeat what they did before in another place just different scenery.

I am restless maybe, always exploring, curious, excited by all sorts of things I find, meet & find myself in..
It is one very very rich experience.
It takes courage to leap into the unknown...
but have a few plans.
I have often but at times I don't follow through or I try it & it's not what holds me.
Or the change brings up other issues...

So now I take myself into the coolness  & have some books,like 
Right Brain Business Plan 
 the magazine 
Where women Create Business,
Notes from goal setting with Robyn Bull
 on the large table....

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Getting some form from chaos now !

This was a completely under utilised area in the family room...just the recycle basket looking at times not so lovely.
I have a sofa on the other wall 
& was sitting there eating lunch & staring at a white wall with one wire xmas tree in need of being taken down
Ah I thought this area could just be beautiful
So a little table was moved from the small sitting room..
& some wire baskets were quickly collected as was a few other tid bits 
& the recycle basket is still there but under the table & I found a wire heart to replace the tree.

Now below ....this is becoming 
the writing room 
come sometimes guest stop over room.

The printer will be gone in a day or so..
I think I'd like a lamp in here 
& some writing notebooks 
& ink fountain pens etc...
Got some way to go yet...
The bed has been moved about 
& heaters covered with old quilts...
Soon it'll have a comfy look 
maybe some activity on that table...
in the form of actually writing
not just chattering about it !!!
I need a chair !!!..

Friday, January 24, 2014

Chaos & order

As a continuation from my previous post..
Chaos hampers clear thoughts & direction...
Decluttering frees me so much these days
I love to move freely through my life...

In early January I did the 
PURPOSE PASSION & VISIONBOARD  workshop with Robyn Bull
even though I have done vision boards of pretty pictures in the past..
I felt, that  I so needed more information & direction.
It's been an interesting journey already ..
as events have caused me to review parts of me..
that I wanted to shift to another way of thinking of looking & of living & working...
I have plans you see LOL !

I struggled with making the goals & really defining these after the workshop 
had settled me into & onto a pathway.
I thought one day as I drove home from posting my work out 
That maybe... if I rang Robyn & asked if I could spend an hour with her to get me on track.
I came home checked the emails & a newsletter from Robyn had arrived..
A night workshop of GOAL SETTING !!!!
The answer had arrived... so I rang & booked in within a moment of reading the email
I knew it was what I had asked for !
The workshop is on 30th Jan.... 
 I am clearing what I don't need now...
the clarity becomes clearer.

So today is to be spent as a time out from what I might just be longing to do...
This provides me with space in my home 
not only the space from organising & decluttering but the freshness it feels with in me....
Lunch now.... salmon sandwich is what I will prepare....and this afternoon...
clean the fridge, the larder the kitchen benches & cupboards & sink to polish and shine & smell of orange....
Dinner is already done...

a Small Timeout

No I haven't gone away....
But I do have pictures ...
that are memories of when I did go away.
I struggled this morning 
the weather was delightfully cool...
the threat of more heat later in the week..
I could go off for the day or even the morning.

 But I struggled with the plans I had indoors & around my home...
As I write I glimpse at that water...it calls me loudly on summer's days...

Anyway I had many things that I had on a mental list to get into order.
Floors & cleaning chores... I wanted to clean the benches & cupboard doors
Inside that larder had just happened & I haven't had this chaos for years inside a larder.
Then there was the final decluttering & organinising my work space.
I have reboxed some things like felt ..I never realised I had an entire plastic tub full of FELT...
Fabric was now in 2 tubs & a lot is linens or plains a few special odd pieces...that is fine.
I must say things have improved on that front over the years !
Then the samples..in boxes & labelled...I think I am down to 2 boxes now.
And ..the work in progress & the stuff I use today for this... 
 But some folders lay about & shelving needs to be utilised for why I bought it !!!
And the next room I wish to claim as my writing room ...come guest room for the odd overnight stays of friends.  I have the pictures of my writing table & space... I have the table !!!
I need to rearrange some things & find places for other things or toss them.
The small sitting room at  the front of this house I adore... & as it is compact it needs order to give it serenity..
So maybe I need to shift the low small bookshelf to the under that window now.
I have notebooks & sketchbooks galore & some have been dumped today !!!
I have seen to all the folders & am tucking them in the desk drawer...
Oh I have finally done my paperwork in prep for the accountant & hopefully  alot less work for them to see what was what this year...I have done that over the last day & a half !!!!
I have made a decision too to have my lovely person do my filing & bookwork monthly as what I torture myself with is so stupid !
Admit I hate this style of order but it is necessary & if I leave it it rides on my shoulder.
I figure the $$ spent will free me more

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Favourite things.....

I love having favourite things around me always...
To me it lifts my spirits...
gives me some centre balance in my world.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


One of my neighbours presented me with a huge bunch of these roses from her garden earlier this week
I have so enjoyed the display which I keep safe in the bathroom & each time I walk in there
happiness greets me.
Really is pleasurable.

I am getting a bird's eye view of the 2 blackbirds who feed in the lawn each day & now drink from the potplant saucer of water & yesterday it was bath time & taking in turns is no different than humans..
One dares to try & the other watches then thinks RIGHT I am DOING THAT NOW
Goes over...nah says the other I am not finished...
so this jocking goes on & they change places.
Today the mudlark couple arrive first.... stroll about..have a drink...
as soo as they have left
the black birds arrive....
I need to go buy a pot & saucer of some ceramic stuff & turn the pot upside down & saucer on top with some liquid nails to hold it in place..
& see what picture show I get from my windows then.