Friday, February 28, 2014

Peaches & stuff

I adore peaches....
exquisite taste...
This bowl of peaches my brother brought in to me this week.... 
from a self seeded tree..
Love that as well !!!

Now the season has stepped over into autumn & as I write a short shower of rain & cool air are here 

I enjoy the seasons as they change...
the leaves will turn amber, rouge, orange..
& gently fall to the earth.
I saw a leave from a large oak do this yesterday ...
that gentle drop from the tree...twisting & winding its way to the pavement.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's the ordinary I enjoy

There are times when we crave an ordinary day 
and then
there are other days we just think our days are way too ordinary .
I have been reading things  & doing plans, goals, thinking...
It has been rather an incredible start to the year really.

Some days I think my path is exactly what I love... then something strolls in from the side of me...
& I am so much turned around that I meet myself coming back the other way.
But, this is life if, we do not keep the doors & gates & windows locked down 
and we walk that same path 
& run home quickly if the path looks a wee bit different.

I am curious by nature & I have been lead way up some garden paths..
I try things maybe more than once..then maybe I keep wandering about 
I exited through the first gate or opening I spot.

It is so wonderful to have choice 
to have humanity
to be allowed to flourish.

I am not so sure the votes of many for a change in the way we live 
are viewed is going to keep giving us this....
in that I despair
it is when I embrace the ordinary...

Fear is a toxin
 I just do not like the way so many governments around the world & big corporations move through ordinary people's lives  & leave them shattered....
On the surface I wonder if all our work , our farms are being destroyed for a purpose & using money as the fear trigger ?
We need to be mindful....I think...