Sunday, March 23, 2014

Starting in another way

I am thinking.... strenuous exercise LOL
I want to speak in another way 
Not sure if I'll start what I have in mind...
This has been my random topic blog..
the other is my business one.

Take the last photograph on this page... it has a facade... & viewed from the side it is very different..
but it is one of the same structure.
As I watched the photograph appear on the page I noticed rams heads I had not seen when peering upwards yesterday on my stroll..
That is kind of revealing & amazing at the one time 
& it presents to me...
What was this building designed for... something to do with wool I suspect & it is not far from the Beehive building which I think was the Bendigo / Sandhurst stock exchange in gold times.

This first picture a ...tumble of cane baskets & tin & wire baskets & twine  makes up a part of what I love...
These were used in a display last week for my work...
during home times they store many projects or bits of fabrics, tags etc etc..
It is kind of messy but not for my eyes... I look into each object...lots to find..to inspire ..to think

My work layout for button stories is the middle picture.
I get as distracted at times as all these 3 pictures show
But things are wandering about inside my mind....

This is only one small part of the designer behind my facade of buttons & decorations...