Friday, April 25, 2014

A Certain Age

I have clearly reached that "Certain Age"
Where one becomes

This outburst has been brought on by a haircut this week.
I go to this salon & have watched the staff style hair well.....& I have had good styling.in past
this week
I say 
"This needs to be really short & bit spikey on top,
Cut right in here at the back
LEAVE that length at the back"
"Well It'll look like a mullet" she says 
" fine "  I  say to that just leave it that length.
 I also think use your imagination a MULLET is very old talk ???? 

Famous last words as I see those long bladed scissors go chop.....
Then we got to the hair over the ears..
"You want this cut around the ears.."
Second time I'd been asked...
"NO THANK YOU , but cut into it....."
Then she is whacking the top hair in what I could see is now doomed for a beanie..
I say

But it is an all WRONG haircut.
She never listened to a word I said !!!!!!!!

I was thinking as I watched her cut....
she has me pocketed into a certain generation..
That has possibly not changed since I was hairdressing & thinking people my mother's age then knew diddly squat.

Now, we who have managed our way through the 60's revolution are a large group of voices...
who have a lot of ideas on what they want .....
we sure do not want to look much like our mothers !!!!

Clothing Designers & manufacturers & SHOES are having the same problem.
I cringe when I see some of the fabric & patterned stuff about let alone the design of the garment...
Stuff that did arrive in the 1960's for my mother's vintage as she grew a little matronly.

One can almost drive a truck through this era of designing.
Even wanting styled shoes to fit our fallen arches is a joke... I have to wera lace ups most of the time ...because I do need to WALK...

Seeing the treasurer wants us to keep working until we are 70..
I reckon it is a time to redesign our wants .... not to be continually disappointed ...

Imagine strolling into a salon full of older stylists who worked in Vidal Sassoon era..
& designers like Mary Quant  cut the cloth & many other fashion designers of that era 
( the out price range lot now they are so good. )
who gave us  what we wanted....

Turn that to a 60+ label & mind set for our generation that is a VAST money market. 

.Remember  we ...who fought through a stuffy generation to come out.....the other side one way or another.....
When we ask for something we expect you to stretch yourselves & deliver or we will do it..!!!

It is the same with public transport... 
I recall little old ladies catching trams &  trains & they looked  fragile.in 60's.
Today though half that transport has vanished & replaced with God forbid buses...
jerking their way through city traffic...or trains that need special police...

Maybe someone can design tram cars that you provide the tram tracks & we drive on them with our tram car .....when we are into our 90's..
.because if we are to work to 70 ..
we will need some safe & genuine transport.
It is such a money market...I say again !!!!

I am off to think some more...
That means I am not dozing in the recliner chair.....!!! I will really be deep in thought.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I am going to Sparkle up My Life

This is with the same company that I did my Vision Board 
& Goal Setting workshops with

And in comes this interesting little newsletter to sparkle up one's life.

I looked at it several times 
First dismissing it..
Then maybe
Oh heck this will be fun & interesting 
will move me forward on life's journey a little more..

I have benefited so much from doing the vision board & setting goals 
( still lurches along that one)
But  I am keen
That has to count for many thoughts
The Vision board workshop is happening again I noticed in another newsletter...
It is really a worthwhile & surprising exercise.
I will now have to LOCATE something sparkly to wear ...
It'll be only a necklace or a bit of tinsel

Monday, April 14, 2014

Ever wonder ?

Do you ever wonder ????
Just about things ???
...there are stages when I am highly aware of changes within me are taking place..

I roam then. 
I let the country drives take my mind where ever it wants to go as I watch the road I am on...
I have a destination of sorts...
.....that means I will often meander down a road... 
.....or see a laneway with an old family name connection & go see just in case I find some remnants of the past.

Once I reach my place of the day's destiny... 
I stroll ...

I look at the street scene... for photograph maybe
I see a topic ... snap a pic & walk on.
Look up at the old buildings & marvel at those builders & the architects who had amazing dreams
They have left a legacy of beauty & skill  that is not evident in today's world.

 I wander in & out of shops..
Inspired just by the entire thing...
I am always collecting in my mind's eye a sense of style, of colours & tactile things
Packaging, the store display...
Then I have had enough for the day 
roam back home..

Often my mind is so full of thoughts, things... a sense of excitement as inspiration cooks on another level

I am replenishing my soul....