Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I was woken up properly this morning as I read about our eggs
suggestions of culling the poor old chooks & burying the eggs
to reduce numbers & sell at higher price.

I still am a little ????? amazed isn't the word or incredulous
There we have people in need of good food 
at reasonable prices...& someone wants the farmers to bury the eggs ????

Chooks I hear one at the back fence... once it lays it's egg...
I chuckle each time as it is a lovely sound.
Chooks I spent my very early walking days talking to our chooks.
I like to be up close & personal to them ...would often be found talking to the chooks. in the big pen.
I never eat poultry ..never have ..well you don't eat your first friends do you LOL

Saturday, May 24, 2014


I was mostly hanging about as my brother moved into his new home this week.
In the garden is both a lemon & a lime tree..
Fruiting & flowering & dispersing a beautiful perfume..
So picture was for the taking.
It had rained earlier in the day & love the rain drops that had settled on the plant.

The last few days I have been rebalancing my direction..
Bit lopsided at the moment 
I am doing things but have to relocate a different meaning into some of the things that centred my days for a long time.
I could just sit & have a think
But I reckon that is way too simple..
Like in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun I wait for a sign !
meanwhile my life is ticking away.
So there is several things going on here...
let things happen, present themselves...( not working )
sit & look at your vision boards..find your central focus...( not sure that will do it this time )
Celebrate life now, today & for everyday here after ( that sounds what I want to do )
BUT HOW ???????????
I was listening to the author Andrew Solomon 's opening speech at the Sydney Writer's Festival as I drove back from the shops yesterday
He is a most amazing, interesting speaker & his book I will need to find ..
In the middle of some sentence he spoke of I thought 
Well suppose I have had the sign......
I now can perhaps focus ....
spin around, change directions....in many ways
that is it really I do want to change many of the way I have done things...
Bit like biting into a lemon....
the beauty
the colour
the scent
the taste
I need a walk

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Yesterday afternoon was the Sparkle into Life workshop...
Interesting time as usual, with interesting people.
I did some different experiences..
one was Smudging.... this was with dried burnt Californian Sage & an eagle's feather
Bit reminiscent or the 70's  which led into a meditation....
After that exercise we got to decorate a plastic glossy mask..
Some were absolutely amazing, orange & pink feathers flowing from boas..
Several with coloured dyed feathers ...
I found it a very out of my comfort zone experience...
Mine is slightly one of my masks... well maybe that is it...as I write I am reading more into this LOL !!!
The afternoon finished up with bubbly & nibbles...

What was also interesting was to wear something sparkly.
I might have one piece of sparkle on that is usually subdued ...
I was rabbitting about in jewel boxes finding things that may sparkle which took me on other journey's  as I took out the marchiste watch a boyfriend gave me for my 21st.. such a fine delicate piece it is..... very feminine to what I wear today...the winder is missing..shucks !
I found old costume earings that sparkled.. a rhinestone necklace so I wore most.
For me that was over the top but it was another look to explore.

You know what I have come away with that & reading an article in the Age & that haircut I mentioned in an earlier blog.
Is there not a market for aging... not in the sense of medical procedures & ailments but one to do with hope & dignity ??? is that the word I am wanting ???
I would rather love to go into A STORE ( IE ONE SINGLE STORE ) it caters for all  pockets... remember we are being pruned as a society...
I can be advised ...shown the makeup I need for face , eyes blush etc , clothing is well cut from the cloth ..shoes are made with style but sense for age related totterbility ( new word )
Hair styled..coloured with the allergy minded product ...
The store that loves us... 60's music booming of course. 
 On mentioning that I love TYPO's music... I can stay there for ages & look at paper & products with their music choice...
This is the place we'd go ...Gosh I am so excited I want this experience  but it has to be tasteful & done well & no condescending rot in the design...so employ age understanding.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


A beautiful old stone barn 
standing the weathers of time
Soft interludes in one's life.
The harshness of our world at this present time has altered how we view many everyday things.

What would I love to see....
more of this sort of order, 
with crisp clean actions,
create harmony not this chaos & fear 
that is engineered for man's power.
I'd really love to see our decision makers for our democratic society be used to weilding a shovel ..
No jet lagged ... not hyped up over a big figures they see...and have a solution to budget cuts...

Do this... but we'll create more jobs for the youth...
You know,  humanity actions....
Not this harsh sort of bully punishing stuff that is on the airwaves.... in the papers on the TV..

Speaking of TV..
Why do people buy HUGE TV "s for small rooms to view programs that are either very very old... very dull or just watching other people work.
How weird is that.???

I was thinking though, this morning after watching the second session of  Master Chef 
and I do enjoy the judging nurturing on that show....
How they encourage people to enhance their skills & knowledge 
& the legacy that show began some years ago now
Energising so many people to be better cooks....
 to understand food & produce...
to create
& to dream of what they really want to do in life...
they create passion in people
See the difference from the world of fear & doom to  create & have passion in what is for you !!!