Sunday, March 15, 2015

The weekend to Monbulk Quilt Show

One could faff about for days...
getting ready to take off to sleep over at places sometimes unknown 
sometimes like that lovely familiar friend's home... 
I try to have displays as ready as can be packed down & carried without back breaking effort
( yes back was sore & still is..grrrr )
Then they must fit into a small red car...
Then there is food to cart about because diet is essentially required ....
Finally Clothes.
Sometime I wonder if I'll get there.
Then setting off for the drive......
But when it is all over I have loved it all.
The motel was Garfield's at Ferntree Gully for my booked accommodation... so I could just whizz up the hill the way I was familiar with.
what a HUGE ERROR that was...
I was greeted with give me your Driver's Licence & Credit Card.
I thought oh heck I do not like this.
I ask why for licence as it is the key to identity & whatever some choose to use this for.
On top of my room
I had another $100 charged as a room security fee....which would be refunded back to my account 3 to 5 days later.
I quizzed why this seeing I had just paid up...well in case I forgot to hand key in etc,...
I read reviews later & it was room trashing.
Some guests began to arrive which made me uncomfortable ...& instinct was saying unsafe..leave..no logic was saying etc etc..
few more cues.. 
I was on the phone to the Yarra Motel in LILYDALE as one room was left I had checked then rang to secure this.& I had stayed here many times so it was divine !!!
In this Ferntree Gully room service was NO TOASTER, NO BREAKFAST except packs of nutri grain which is full of food I cannot eat...
Bed sagged & you know it was creepy & I did not feel safe
So instinct I went with..so glad I did 
I blew $90 but by the time I was driving across to Lilydale I just did not care.....
well I will do something with this experience  today though.

 Display board ready to go
 And another
 These were at STICH'N'PATCH in LILYDALE.....
I am always thrilled to see my buttons well displayed here....& you know I see them differently....so a double yum
 Now the studio beckons to get to work !

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Twenty Years ..and continuing on....

Twenty years this 2015 since I began to trade as
The Woodcutter's Daughter
later changing my trading name to
Theodora Cleave

I am as passionate about the creativity as I was the day I began this journey...
Cloth dolls, Cloth santas, wood chunky painting patterns... a little after this after our first adventure into trading at Sydney Quilt & Craft show in 1996..
I found my first laser machinist who was actually a fretworker with a huge laser machine...
I sat with him while the process began & was then cut to my first brooches on his huge machine...
1000 of them & I had no idea they would sell...
(it isn't really the way to order first off or even as your business grows...)
Now today although I have not seen the machines for a while, they are the size of photocopiers..

As I was commenting on volumes....
I carry hopefully just enough stock, 
but it is entirely unpredictable...
as I also carry a vast range of designs in my collection
There is a mindfulness that it is X $$$ of money that sits on a shelf....waiting to be brought to better life with brush & paint....
More to come as I will document the travels..when everything settles into a nice routine here with phones, internet & closing this older lap top down as it barks at me every so often & drives me dotty

Below pics are the initial prep for the displays to go to Monbulk next weekend
I untied all those ties last night....
At the base of this display are the new POSTCARD BUTTON FELT or YOU CAN STITCH STORIES....
copyright Barb Smith
Don't Copy thanks
  Deicisons LOL