Friday, September 25, 2015

The Ferris wheel

This Ferris Wheel is a bit like my life or the  journey...
a series of circles moving through each stage..
the view changes too....
If you go too fast you get giddy LOL
It's full of anticipation....
the buzz of the risk... if I will pull it off
what is there to explore...
to experience
Trying to SEIZE each Day !!!

How slick are the lines on the hens in this hen house...
Just beautiful simplicity
such a statement
these were featured at Floriade

And when the sun shines & the flowers are forming with again such simplicity & beauty
the view is always lovely....
The Bellis daisies are interplanted in amongst these tulips, nice & unexpected touch.

I am off to explore the Handmade Market this morning

Thursday, September 24, 2015


The Everyday.... 
things are not quite centred yet 
the clock has no place to hook into...
but it is always comforting to have the simple lines but strong things 
around me as I centre my life...

I have had several friends call by & stay a while
anchored & then set free yet again !

Today I catch up with more friends 
that is so exciting.
A new designed button or 2 arrive with one friend....

Tomorrow I will explore the Handmade market... I am so looking forward to that....
next week I will do another little Kikki workshop on
which follows along after goals one i did last week.
This weekend I need to find myself an hour to do more on my goals

Asking for what we really want
a very tricky task
Could practice a lot & get used to it.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

My little Friend

This currawong showed up not long after I arrived...
 I made the mistake of giving him some apple peel.... next time I saw it, it was gazing in at me from the patio doors & now it hops on the air con unit to watch me in the kitchen..... 
Of course it shares any fruit I have...

Finally sorted the bank out for the moment
Some other issues are bigger to solve & are overwhelming me at moment.
So I am grateful for the bird's distractions

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dull days...

The sun has hidden itself behind clouds..
what a difference it made to how I felt..
or was it just timed with a week out from the move & a little flat feeling
It comes of course in the transition
So yesterday was my day
The dullness was not to be shifted by any amount of distraction
it is just something that has to be worked through... or sat out is possibly a better description.
Bit early today to tell if it is passing or staying for the weekend !!!

I solved one annoying problem of where to put my fabric & samples..
talk about thick !!!
I needed a couple of big plastic containers 
now only part of a carton left to empty.
Of course as I touched some samples 
I was considering ideas & also they went on that little pile to examine later 

I moved a shelf with books all taken out & reput back etc...
made my TV cabinet a temporary food cupboard.

Wandered out to Federation Square to see what happens there today.
Found a newly opened shop with Annie Sloan paints & stencils & furniture painted.
Apparently fabric & other sorts of things from Annie Sloan are coming in soon.
I didn't check all the stores so will go back again....later.

This morning I hope to make it in to Floriade ...need to check the sky above. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Lemonade ....

This fruit is called lemonade or something similiar
from a friend's coastal home..
I cannot eat citrus but when she offered, I asked could I take one of each variety to have as decor & the aroma.
Today I sliced the lemonade open...isn't it a most delightful look....as well as a happy colour!
I have them perched in a bright yellow &  tiny white spotted soup cup..
on my windowsill.

Things are starting to settle ???? saying that it is not the settling of a previous time...
the bank's EFTPOS machine has an communication error ! 
It is to be amended in another way but what I have encountered several times is this strange lack of customer service.
The back up training of staff is obviously GONE...
You ask a ? & if the solution is another company they are in links with..as far as they are concerned job done & basically go away.
Well I did my goals training the other day & I am back !
But it happens not only with banking but often it was phone contact only where each customer is never seen so it's easy to collect pay & profit a multi national company with not service to the customer in the true sense.
Have a nice day is not customer service ...it's kind of intrusive.
I have seen in when I've needed electrical products there is the point to package syndrome ..
Observations....lack of connecting ..& you know retail is an industry & it comes with a certain art to it....
Had my sour lemon chat now LOL

I am happy to have some of the stiffness mobilised in my back & a new adventure starts in a week or so at the hydro pool !!!
I am quite excited to try this ...with the physio instructor.
So ......! 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rolling on ....

Driving towards Gundagai a week ago today !!!
beautiful green hills & wattle bursting into yellow everywhere !

Much has happen in the week.
Yesterday I went to the workshop on Goal Setting at Kikki Store .
It was a great little 2 hour class run by an inspiring woman...
We have now been set along the path using the Goals Journal (which is included in the class as well as a lovely fine felt tipped pen for writing.)
..to realize the life one wants.
( thought I'd just underline that )
I have been inspired 
it is giving me wings already to be more proactive in dealing with a couple of new issues that have been about the last 2 days...
PLUS my PLANS !!!!
There is also the Vision board featuring to help this process along...
so of course I am in my element !
At one stage yesterday I thought I wish someone would do this bit for me....see it isn't all simple but it is good for the soul....


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Touch of Tuscany

Yesterday a friend arrived with these HUGE sunflowers....
( as well as another HUGE bunch of flowers )
As I found a big jar thing & I popped the sunflowers into it ..a small flash went by...
when Frances Mayes wrote in her book & the movie Under The Tuscan Sun  and all that upheaval & resettling went past me...
I smiled a little to myself as that memory gave me comfort.

Resettling is always different
There are always challenges
There are always blessings
Often these are unexpected...

As I spoke of yesterday getting to find the rhythm of a life again...
is always presented as a longing.
Even when you return to a place .....
a new rhythm needs to be found...
something familiar in the routines
somethings changed....

Tasks that must be set up....
I wish I was more at ease with mobile phones & devices .... because that event would be removed ..
Printers don't travel so well & I buy a cheaper one which I kind of like prefer for my scanning sizes etc...
this was purchased on Sunday & sits beside me on the desk...waiting to be unpacked & installed.

My newer laptop has issues & was back for repair not long after it was put into use & now it has other issues..
Bonuses are more than those things..
Friends ....
I have met up with 4 thus far & have not been in town a week yet 
Each works in an artistic field... all different... but what a wonderful treat !!! for me.
I have viewed beautiful beeswaxed frames that look like gorgeous wall tales to use in the minimalist decorating...
the series of steps that must go on to achieve this is amazing & includes a blow torch & 30 layers of wax & curing for about 1 year....
I will see more of these works next week at the Canberra Art Society's Exhibition in Albert Hall 
( opposite the Treasury Building )

Three of us sat, doing show & tell & discussing the techniques of what we did & what we might do soon...and where to find stuff.
When I last lived in Canberra this trio would meet occasionally to paint at my home....
I would be so envious of the floating technique both these ladies have..

Now some of you who had come to the Canberra Gatherings would have had one of these dear friends teach you painting the brooches on the day...

Yesterday was ideas & solutions being discussed that could take us all in another laneway of interesting stuff !

Today I have booked into  Goals workshop at the local Kikki store.... 
I have been wanting to do one of these since I saw the array of workshop when I was in Doncaster Mall  now I can access this shop in 5 minutes !!
They have lots of interesting workshops all just 2 hours on things like 
 there is a creative one nearer to Christmas I saw.

In amongst this & still stray boxes in the living space I have begun to work...
I also have done some  other drawings ... for things ..
Now today has begun & I need to embrace it & phone the bank for a change over address.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

On finding the rhythm again

After a relocation...the world always is a little tilted.....
My body aches from exceeding my load limit as I lift & bend & stretch
a weariness surrounds the edges...
as the sleeping pattern is disrupted..

All the excitement
waiting for the sequences of events
packing down,
disconnecting services
lining up cleaning
saying farewell
anticipating the moment the removalists will arrive & they do...
the completing the loading into the truck
Driving north on sunshine spring days was so beautiful
Finally here, see my new living for the first time.
Settling in
The removalists arrive... !
Unpacking begins, beds are made ...essential things are carried in my car...
tea is made  & so the days rumble on
Now I want to reflect & find my rhythm 
the heartbeat of my days..
so my world slowly turns upright..
It is spring & I am pleased to be back