Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Everyday

There are times when the everyday 
are just what makes life feel really beautiful

This happened this morning as I stripped the sheets from the bed to wash 
Thought the doona can be washed as well
Hot day things will dry quickly
As I looked outside a couple of times I rather liked the scene...
Sometimes these sorts of things are comforting.

Going through a bit of a laundry phase LOL

Friday, November 20, 2015

Well not quite ...at the beach

I found the sign ....in KMart the other day as I was gathering a few kitchen & laundry essentials...
I was really pleased at how well it speaks on the white bathroom.

At the last place in Canberra
a plastic box of pegs hung on the clothes line...
I have always taken my pegs to & from the clothes line when I wash & finish up...
Pegs would often tumble amongst the dry clothes ...spill out en masse to the floor 
As I used this peg basket with resistance ( I may candidly say )
I thought... I like this idea.
I will see how it goes..
Each morning I had a ritual of pegging the bath towels & mat on the line to air
How simple this was..
I knew where the pegs were...
gave me back some time ..

So a move can bring about change in simple ways
unexpected ways.