Tuesday, December 8, 2015

From my shelf of life

The ordinary...
a glass
a cup
Things many of us reach into the cupboard for each & every day...
I was reaching for a glass before 
I am reminded this glass came into being
when I was living at the beach...
I had driven to Berry to browse
This glass survived...

These orange & lemonade glasses 
are a very recent addition to my collection of 
totally mixed kitchen things.

They have memories attached ...
so when I pull totally different cups or glasses plates or dishes from the shelf
it is from my shelf of life.

I am pleased I do this as it brings me such pleasure to the every day
often mundane things...
things perhaps we do take for granted 
like getting our own glass of water
we have a need to be like the next household ....
Today that is so evident..

This struck me the other day as I observed a woman, hurrying along in a kind of uncoordinated way..
with society's
fashion statements
of tattoos ..
with clothing off shoulder & whatever to expose these skin jewels
coffee in a take away cup.
of course checking the mobile....
Shoulder bag slipping, 
feet doing the same in the shoes
I thought
People are striving .....
...to be different in a clan of the same
.....trying desperately to connect....
be seen to be connected.

It was just an interesting look at whatever is going on in our collective minds....

Sure I do some of this myself...
I enjoy seeking out the things that appeal to me 
it often has artwork of some style attached to it.
The clean design line of an object is pleasing to me as is the bumpy seconds we can sometimes find..
or the spots...
just stuff I guess...

It is a different way of life...
My shelf where i collect my life...
I reflect to the 60's & 70's where we did exactly the same 
being different within our clans...
music drew us together or set us apart
Nothing changes except perhaps the objects one collects & places on our life shelves
some close the cupboard door 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

The neighbours over the road

A very hot day & the kangaroos were lying about in the paddocks earlier...
As I opened up the house
to let the breeze in
I saw the mob were getting very close to the road...
Ready to bound across for greener grass .
This guy is huge when he stands tall
one would not mess with him
Look at those muscles in the chest !!
 There are several young joeys in the mob & some are still being fed by their Mums
Or like this small pair on the left 
they get to hang out together
This mob now has at least 3 huge Bucks as you can see anotehr at the back is not short of stature either....
but he is not the leader

I know so little about them but watching them is so interesting.....

Friday, December 4, 2015

Small Special Things

This table & chairs ...
were part of a treat for myself.
I had planned these for when I settled in to Canberra ....
as I loved the colours & needed some outdoor seating & eating arrangements more for the in between seasons 
When it is a welcome activity to head into the warmed sun & read a magazine or book & eat lunch
I am not such a fan of sitting outdoors in the summer evenings....
if the flies have forgotten it is go home time it is the gnats & mossies driving me indoors
But maybe I will this time

As I recently collected my chosen treat at Bed & Bath on sale !!!
I looked one day just after I arrived back
the car was parked way down the other end of the city..
I thought I'll chance it
A few days later the table & chairs were reduced more !

I am pondering some of the things I promised myself before I came back to Victoria
what I had learnt whilst away on my lovely holiday with friends & new & old scenery

A blank page perhaps is needed now