Thursday, February 18, 2016

Settling takes time

I find it takes time to resettle in even to a place one has lived in before...
Things need to come together....
I have a tendency to get back to work & wander a bit first & this sort of detail waits

As I live with & use "things" in my work..
I like to have them about....
easy reach 

Love the Zac donkey ..& he sits in this gorgeous frame
on a piece of linen fabric
with another painted & overlayed  piece of linen & cotton fabric
with the word Jardin stitched & the borders raw edge & stitched to next piece of linen...

Bunny Love button designs sits on a pin cushion....which softly sits that it isn't glaring obvious that it is in use !
The box is quite old in the early days of using paint, stamps & stuff....
Finally the swag under the flowers..
is just stamped ( a few times ) 

 In this beautiful heavy pottery vase from Provincial Decor Living are the green flowers
which hides
my sets of sewing scissors ..
They are handy... 

The frames are more of what is possible in the workshop painting & stamping ....as is this

Which is the size I endeavour to supply in the workshops....
So they sit with the other frames on my bookshelf with the other frames

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