Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Day is Cool

A cool cool day.....
A day to potter 
 do chores 
and other things as one pleases....

Today I was going for a drive but I take so long to wake up..I am up but slow !!!
it is too late to go far..
Clothes needed washing...
Things still needed to be sorted & stored properly LOL
These 2 iceberg roses need to be here at my place not where I saw them yesterday...
So whizzed over to the store for them..
Happy now they give me such pleasure

Into organising so I needed more little plastic trays from the Reject Shop & how quickly some of the storage has now come together.

Lunchtime & i started to read the Country Living UK & found a most delightful story
on cleaning products
These are those dream style profiles that keep small business people in love with what they do..
I could see these products in a tiny store as I was reading...all washed timber  & soaps in wooden boxes just as in the photo in the magazine

 The thread of activity is now broken ...
well maybe maybe maybe not 
 A sage to end this post...
In a little herb pot 

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