Saturday, January 2, 2016


My friend Oscar who lives next door but calls in at least once a day
This morning he was getting quite busy  doing his mouse patrol
Of which I am eternally grateful !!!

Last week I was watering & saw a tiny mouse run from one of the green plants...
I said to Oscar as he sat above his house...mouse come & get it...
What Lady ??? sorry not interested..totally brushed me off.

Next day he needed some smooching & he went straight to the patch & I was again watering & I spotted this mouse & in one second it was in the cat's mouth..
Hoping like heck I'd open the door to let him in with it.


So he lost it once in this outdoor antics 
Later I suggested he go around the side
Off he trots with mouse hanging out of his mouth
I left him ..later he was ready to go home & no mouse in sight so I reckon it ran off.

They are nesting in some rubbish in the next door house property where there is some rubbish...against the fence !!!!

I need to keep alert as these properties also back onto bush & there is a snake that seems to be close to our townhouses in summer's past.